Smarter Coffee Machine - WiFi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android

  • Smarter Coffee Machine - WiFi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android

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Smarter Coffee Machine - WiFi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android was reviewed by 237 consumers, first review recorded at 2016-04-23 while most recent review was published at 2017-09-05 12:08:10. 83% of Smarter Coffee Machine - WiFi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android customers would probably recommend their friend to purchase the product.

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Manufacturer Description

Smarter Coffee grind and brew, is a revolutionary new coffee machine that gives you fresh coffee at the touch of a button, remotely anywhere in the home. Available in 3 colours, Black, Red or Beige the removable panels included in the box, allow you to choose the colour to suit you. The smart control panel also allows you to use Smarter Coffee in person if your phone is not to hand.

Grind and brew fresh beans at any time, just pour in your chosen beans, select the coarseness of the grind and then start directly from your smartphone or smart control panel. With enough water to produce 12 cups of coffee, you can select how many cups you want to make whether it is just for yourself, the family or the whole office. Decide on the strength of your coffee, choose between weak, medium or strong, to ensure you get the perfect coffee. The warming plate, can be turned on for up to 30 minutes to keep you pot of Coffee warmer for longer.

Smarter Applications Smarter Coffee Machine UK Plug SMC10 Kitchen Appliances Not Assigned

  • Remotely Brew Coffee from anywhere in your home, once connected to Wifi
  • Wake up mode allows you to schedule alarms to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee
  • Home mode, welcomes you home with a ready made brew
  • Water level sensor shows you exactly how many cups of coffee youcan brew
  • Adjust the strength of your coffee via the app or the machine to makethe perfect brew
  • Control the Smarter Coffee machine from anywhere in the home via Wifi, with the free App
  • Schedule alarms so you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed Coffee
  • Smarter Coffee welcomes you home, with a freshly brewed Coffee, for that instant pick me up
  • Adjust the strength and amount of cups of Coffee you want, directly from the free App
  • See exactly how much water is in the tank on the App and receive reminders when the water is low
The Smarter Coffee machine, creates an even better way to start your day. Remotely brew your coffee from anywhere in the home, through the Smarter mobile app. Adjust the strength of your coffee as well as select how many cups you would like to brew. Welcome home mode and wake up mode allow you to brew a coffee at a time to suit you.

Smarter App on IOS and Android

The new Smarter App available on iOS and Android has been intuitively designed to make it easy to control your Smarter Coffee machine remotely. Choose exactly how many cups of coffee you would like to produce, anywhere from 1 to 12 cups. The water level sensor feature shows you exactly how many cups you will be able to produce. Adjust the strength of your coffee, keep your coffee warm and turn on wake up mode and home mode directly from the app.

Home Mode

Activate home mode and the Smarter Coffee machine will welcome you home with a fresh cup of coffee. As you walk through the door you will have the choice to make your standard cup of coffee or amend for an extra strong coffee for that pick me up after a long day.

Multiple Users

The free Smarter app can be downloaded by an unlimited amount of users. Up to 4 users can be connected at any time to either keep an eye on their brew or schedule the next cycle.

Wake Up Mode

The wake up feature in the Smarter App allows you to schedule your coffee in sync with your alarm. Set the desired time and your coffee machine will automatically start brewing.

  • Manufacturer: Smarter
  • Merchant: Zestfresh

  • Brand: Smarter
  • Product Code: SMC10


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