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Mar 2018

EMPO® Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 700ml/25oz BPA Free

EMPO® Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 700ml/25oz BPA Free

By Empo

Price drop 34%

was £13.50 now £8.97

The bottle, which makes the fluid intake attractive

It is quite simply possible to turbidize our daily intake of fluid. All you need is an infuser bottle, some fruit and a little water, and the big work is done. We called on Juice Infuser to find out what this is the most recent trendy craving for liquids. Juice Infuser for 5 to 20 pounds is an ingenious and easy solution to how to spice up our daily water consumption. The raw materials can be made in about two minutes, keeping it clean. It takes the same amount of time. In fact, it combines only a small amount of water with fruits, yet its greatness lies in it: it is better than plain drinking water, and its poignant look encourages drinking. The quality of a solid material bottle is slightly offset by the coupling clip, which may be able to break quickly but, apart from that, it looks persistent. Whether you are training, traveling, or even just everyday, you can add sugar and added artificial materials to suit your needs in a variety of ways.