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Helix RC2072 Oxford Scientific Calculator

Helix RC2072 Oxford Scientific Calculator

Helix Oxford Scientific CalculatorThis calculator is ideal for National Curriculum Key Stage 1&2 mathematics and those wanting to carry out basic calculations.Features:8 digit displayEasy to use plastic keysFull function memoryAuto power offSquare root functionPercentage functionSolar powered and batteryPerfect for both basic and scientific calculationsSuitable for both key Stage 3 & 4 MathematicsThe two-line display makes it possible to view both the calculation formula and its result at the same timeFeatures:240 functions, 2 line, large display, Shows 10 digits + 2 digit exponents, Hard protective sliding cover, Durable, plastic keys, Auto power off and Replaceable batteries..

£8.07 £10.99

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