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Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops  & Macbooks

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops & Macbooks

Griffin Elevator: GC16034Lift your laptop to a comfortable viewing height and reclaim your desktop.Elevators sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design go great with any desk decor.Elevator holds your portable computer safely and securely at just the right height to match external monitors - and to save your aching neck.Elevator conforms to health and safety standards; making your laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day long. Healthycomputing; the premier source for office ergonomics; recommends positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes and sitting at least an arms length distance from the screen. Both of these key ergonomic standards are made possible using Elevator with an external keyboard.Colour of product: SilverMaterial: Aluminium-..

£29.45 £34.99

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