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Mar 2018

Byron Elro BE60Z GLS Plastic Bulkhead Black,60w

Byron Elro BE60Z GLS Plastic Bulkhead Black,60w

By Toolbank

Price drop 4%

was £5.20 now £4.97

You can highlight and emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home’s exterior or landscaping with strategically placed outdoor lighting. While your options may seem endless, it’s important to consider the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Floodlights and security lights work well to deter unwanted nighttime visitors and provide a sense of security, while garden lights can illuminate a safe walkway through your backyard. Patio lights and deck lighting can brighten up outdoor living areas at night, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors past sunset. If you’d like your lights to serve a purely decorative purpose, fairy lights and outdoor string lights can lend an almost magical ambience to any garden. Check out our highest rated products based on customer reviews.