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Ecooe Double Wall Cups Latte/Cappuccino/Tea Glass Cups 250ml/8oz, Set of 2

Ecooe Double Wall Cups Latte/Cappuccino/Tea Glass Cups 250ml/8oz, Set of 2

Feel the joy it presents and provides. SpecificationsCapacity: 250ml / 8.8oz (The actual capacity may be short of 250ml when using.) Dimension: Perimeter: 9cm / 3.54in, Height: 8.3cm / 3.27in Weight: 130g / 4.59oz Notes 1. There will be minor differences between each product because of mouthblown and hand-finish craftsmanship. 2. By adopting traditional mouth-blown, there will be an ending hole at the bottom of each cup. 3. Hand-washing is recommended. Please avoid contacting with sharp objects when cleaning.Double Wall: The double wall design keeps the cup safe to touch with hot drinks and free of condensation with cold ones. And also keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer.Mouthblown Workmanship: The cup is made light, clear and smooth for easy and pleasant use, thanks to intricate workmanship and experienced craftsmen.Borosilicate Glass: Adopting superior borosilicate glass, the cup is explosive-proof to high temperature. And it allows you to fill boiling water into the frozen cup instantly.Elegant Look: Double wall and clear body create a floating illusion that makes your drinks more appealing. A perfect choice for coffee, tea, desserts and more.What You Get: 2× Ecooe 250ml double wall glass cups, 18-month hassle-free warranty and our friendly customer service. All glass articles are brittle, so be careful when using or washing...

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