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3x HQ UK to European Plug Travel Adaptors

3x HQ UK to European Plug Travel Adaptors

Manufacturer's Description The DJ2GO Travel UK 3 pin to Euro 2 pin Mains Adaptor allows you to use your UK mains powered devices in Europe.Whether you're taking a well-earned European vacation or emigrating abroad, don't be without your treasured laptop or hair dryer. This simple but essential item is easy to use and allows compatible UK equipment to be used in Europe. Just attach your UK plug to the adapter and you're ready to go. This lightweight item fits easily into your travel luggage. Conforms to CE standards) Product Description These adapters allow equipment fitted with standard 3 pin UK mains power plugs to be connected to 2 pin European sockets. This adapter is suitable for use with earthed appliances providing that the European power socket is also earthed. With the dawning of the summer holidays where you'll be wanting to escape and relax in the sun we bring you Travel Adapters. Something that always seems to go missing when you need it most. This plug can adapt to European plug sockets. Just another one of those things that you needn't worry about whilst enjoying a vacationPack of 3 UK to EU Plug Adaptors by DJ2GO Travel (Colour May Vary)For Use in Europe whilst on HolidayIdeal for any electrical product fitted with a uk plug2 - Pin European Adaptor 3 - Pin UK AdaptorWith free ZIP seal carry bag to pack easy in your case..


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