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Aqualux Showerblade

Aqualux Showerblade

Aqualux Shower Blade - Glass Cleaner Tired of letting soap scum and limescale spoiling the look of your shower enclosure or bathscreen? The showerblade can be used to effortlessly wipe away water with a design to suit both straight and curved areas. It can even be used for your car windscreen, tiles or home windows. This avoids the use of chemicals wich can irritate the skin. Features and Benefits: Wipes away water on straight and curved glass Easy grip, contoured design Daily use reduces limescale Integral wall attachment Suitable for use on tiles, windows and car windscreens Chemical free cleaningEasy grip, contoured design glass cleanerIntegral wall attachmentReduces limescaleChemical free cleaningSuitable for use on tiles, windows and car windscreens..

£8.40 £10.00

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